We advise you and anticipate your every requirement

For each new event, we carefully craft our answer so that your event will be on target, enable you to reach the objectives you have set for the event and stay within the budget envelope you have allocated.
Our assignment is to advise you, anticipate your requirements and tailor the event to match.

When we meet with you: we listen to you and identify with you

Organizers such as yourselves come across a number of nuggets when putting an event together because there are so many decisions to make. First of all we define where the event has to take place so that we're sure it will be the right place for you; our feasibility study will look meticulously at items such as:

puce funds and budgets: setting a profitability level, we simulate cash flow for the event
puce functional analysis of what has to be done: planning and task sharing
puce then, how to define the concept that will mirror the special character of your event

When we start preparing the event: we organize and promote it for you

When we reach this stage, we examine every detail of the event to ensure it is carefully organized whilst complying fully with your instructions. Our method enables us to get to know each other much better in a climate of confidence that will be an essential ingredient of success for your event. Each step of the way will be a landmark:

puce produce the information leaflets for the event: first announcement, final program, proceedings,...
puce secure the appropriate information on prospects : target population and information disseminators (journalists, corespondents,...)
puce promotional campaign: press releases, posters, press campaign, advertising
puce contacts with all concerned: tune into their requirements and simplify their participation

The big day: we welcome your guests and manage the event on the spot

This is the step where we put the finishing touches to the event and accompany you and the service providers hour by hour as the event unfolds. We look after the secretariat matters, invite bids and tenders, organize the sub-contractors, take registrations then welcome your participants and be close at hand to manage contingencies.
The final step involves winding up the event and producing a detailed analysis of it:

puce accounts and financial items
puce update customer and prospect files
puce feedback in the press and public awareness of the event
puce future prospects

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