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   We have been working with Promo Sciences since 2001 as they have been organising our FEMISE Annual Conference. The FEMISE conference that Promo Sciences organises every year has a great deal of complexity. To add to the complexity of our conference organisation, these conferences are organised in a different country every year. Promo Sciences have proven across the years that they are more than capable of excelling in this heavy and complicated task. From the day we agree on the venue until all documents are completed and delivered after the event, Mrs Viviane Bernadac gives proof of high professionalism, a great quality of service, attention to small details, a lot of enthusiasm and energy but in a relaxed and cheerful way. She listens carefully to all requirements, handles all details (big or small) carefully and meticulously from finding the best hotels/venue to host the event or the most economic (but comfortable) routing for all participants' travel arrangements, to the position of the speakers, the screen and the lightening at the conference venue or the choice of menus or places for dinners, transport, ... Promo Sciences works with an impressive professionalism, efficiency and attention to the details that is required with such a high level events. At the same time, they are very resourceful and have expertise in terms of handling difficult or tense situation which is sometimes unavoidable in such large events.
Dr Maryse LOUIS
FEMISE General Manager
   Dear Mrs. Viviane Bernadac: I take this opportunity to wish you and all FEMISE and Promo Sciences staffs, a great season and a happy new year 2012. I thank you also for the last conference that has been an important sign of success of FEMISE in ensuring a good focus on the Mediterranean Economies as well as in promoting further knowledge about North and South of the Mediterranean. Thanks to the organizers and managers of this event. I feel proud of being a member of this promising project. I keep doing my best to assure my modest contribution to the FEMISE process. Wishing you the Best...
Professor of Economics, Ifrane - Morocco
   ...Wow, you are an amazing comfort ; your organizational skills, patience, calm and very pleasant nature almost make me want to wish we were doing another Symposium in Marseille next month !!...
Lead Urban Specialist, The World Bank, Washington DC
   Dear Viviane, Thank you for keeping us sane by taking care of all the difficult bits. You have been fantastic !
Manager, Urban Development, The World Bank, Washington DC
   Thank you ever so much for all your help in arranging the logistics for the Urban Research Symposium. It all went off very well and you made our lives a lot easier. Your great organizational skills and calm personality was very reassuring for us and allowed us to breathe easier. It was a pleasure to work with you over these several months and to finally meet you in Marseille. All the best for the future.
Perinaz BHADA
The World Bank, Washington DC
   ... Once again, we are impressed by how quickly and professionally you handle all this...
International Relations, Faculty Collegium Civitas, Warsaw
   It comes with a bit of delay but I really wanted to thank you a lot for the fantastic organisation and kind hospitality at the Femise conference. My congratulations for your professionality and great efficiency.
Istituto di Studi sulle Societa del Mediteraneo, Naples - Italie
   Thank you for making the conference such a success !! I will always have fond memories of you and of sunny Marseilles.
Michelle STEWART
SPINE Project Administrator, Oxford University


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