Victor Villegas Auditorium and
Conference Centre, Murcia, Spain

November 25-27, 2014

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1st Mediterranean Water Forum
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Side Events

Regional Workshop on Water Demand Management
organized by Agence Française de Développement, Marseille Center for Mediterranean Integration and Plan Bleu


1 Context

1.1 Water demand management in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean basin is one of the world’s regions where the environment and the human activities are the most affected by climate change. There are major pressures on water ressources in most Mediterranean countries, especially in southern and eastern ones. In some countries, such as Egypt, Israel or Malta, water withdrawals attain, even exceed, the average annual volume of renewable natural resources (index above 80%). Existing studies and projections highlight the significant increase expected from “water-poor” populations (with less than 1,000 cubic meters of renewable water per capita per annum): in the Mediterranean basin these populations would increase from 180 million people today to 250 million – 100 million more – within 20 years.
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New Technologies on Water in Spain : Modernization of Irrigated Aeras

Concept note: “NEW TECHNOLOGIES ON WATER IN SPAIN: MODERNIZATION OF IRRIGATED AREAS” is a side event within the 2nd Mediterranean Water Forum framework that aims to discuss the changes in irrigation water management caused by public actions on modernization of irrigated from the perspective of user communities and individual irrigators.

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3rd Dutch Spanish Water Event : Water Efficiency in Agriculture

The 3rd Dutch Spanish Water Event will aim to promote cooperation between companies, the scientific community and governments of both countries in the field of water technologies. In this sector, international collaboration is crucial to lead to new products and processes as well as to open new markets. This third meeting, which is a continuation of the meeting held in Valencia in 2009 and of the meeting held in Madrid in 2011, will provide companies and researchers a meeting point where to locate potential new partners that work on specific aspects of water and its ultimate goal will be the establishment of new contacts that can lead to innovative projects and in a final step, converge towards joint commercial exploitation of the results.

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MURCIA WATER 2014: Brokerage Event
(organized by Instituto de Fomento)

The Brokerage Event in the water sector, “MURCIA WATER 2014” within the 2nd Mediterranean Water Forum framework, is an international event which will present the latest technological advances in the field of Water and Energy, and in which many companies and research groups of different countries will maintain bilateral meetings to establish technological cooperation agreements related to the latest innovations in technology and services.
It will be a one-day event and it will be inaugurated with a conference of great relevance in the sector. It will be followed by a brief practical session about the current funding opportunities for companies and projects related to the areas of water and energy.
Afterwards, there will be bilateral meetings between the representatives of the different companies, arranged by the organization, with the aim of connecting the offers and technological demands of each company.
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